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The BCMP has identified resources that can help keep you safer and healthier! The following links are some examples of how the BCMP can help you help yourself stay healthy.

Getting vaccinated is an easy way to prevent many known diseases. Protective vaccines are available not only at your doctor's office, but also at local pharmacies, health centers, health departments, and travel clinics. Find a list of places near you on

Properly taking medicine(s) prescribed by your doctor or healthcare provider plays an important part in staying healthy. However, sometimes a medicine can cause a problem. To download the tip sheet, "Medications and Your Health," click here.

The National Council on Aging (NCOA) helps people aged 60+ meet the challenges of aging. To help reduce your risk of falling, the NCOA has simple suggestions to reduce your risk of falling in your home. To see their "18 Steps to Fall Proofing Your Home," click here.

The National Council on Aging (NCOA) also has a 5-Point Checklist to use when you are out and about. To see their suggestions for "Fall Prevention in the Community," click here.

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