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The BCMP is here to help you manage your healthcare.
Toll-Free Phone: 1-833-921-1899 (8 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET)
TTY Phone: Dial 711 and ask to dial 1-833-921-1899
Find Your Regional Beneficiary and Family Centered Care
Quality Improvement Organization (BFCC QIO) here

The BCMP is a new Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) program, which is national in scope and covers the United States and its territories. BCMP assistance is offered at no cost to beneficiaries, family members, and caregivers. The purpose of the BCMP is to address care management issues for Medicare Fee-for-Service (FFS) beneficiaries with complex healthcare needs and limited knowledge of available resources.

Family members and/or caregivers may be referred to the program by the regional Beneficiary Family Centered Care Quality Improvement Organizations (BFCC QIOs) at any time during the review of a discharge appeal. The BCMP can help review discharge instructions and post-treatment plans; coordinate follow-up care with primary care physicians and/or other providers; and assist with referrals to community resources or person and family engagement (PFE) partners.

To help beneficiaries, their family members, and their caregivers address their own care management needs, the BCMP identifies tools and resources that have been developed by CMS and CMS Quality contractors, other federal agencies, and specialty organizations that may be useful.

If there are concerns about the quality of care received from a Medicare provider, beneficiaries and their family members can file a complaint about the quality of care provided. Information about filing a quality of care complaint may be found by clicking here.

Complaints may be filed directly with the regional BFCC QIOs. To find your BFCC QIO, please click here and search for your state under Beneficiary and Family Centered Care QIOs. Once you know your BFCC QIO, you can file a quality of care complaint directly with them using the information below.

If your BFCC QIO is KEPRO, file your complaint by clicking here.

If your BFCC QIO is Livanta, file your complaint by clicking here.

Helpful links are found here:

To help with discharge planning, download “Your Discharge Planning Checklist” for patients and their caregivers preparing to leave a hospital, nursing home, or other care setting. Download the checklist here.

The National Council on Aging (NCOA) offers a beneficiary-friendly “You Gave Now Save” guide on types of help available to seniors. Download the guide here.

If you have a smartphone, you can download the QuestionBuilder app from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) to help you create and save questions for your next medical visit. Learn more about the QuestionBuilder app here.

Did you know that your Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) covers outpatient diabetes self-management training (DSMT) if you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes? DSMT teaches you to cope with and manage your diabetes. The program may include tips for eating healthy, being active, monitoring your blood sugar, taking drugs, and reducing risks. You must have a written order from your doctor or qualified non-doctor practitioner. Click here to learn more about the Medicare Diabetes Self-Management Program.

The State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) offers in depth, one-on-one insurance counseling and assistance with Medicare. The SHIP provides local resources to help Medicare beneficiaries. Find more information about the SHIP and resources in your state by clicking here.

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